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Close Protection for a Child

Long gone are the days when a child could be let out for a walk without adult supervision without fearing for their safety. Every caring parent would like to ensure maximum safety for their children. Therefore, many people today are interested in child protection and escort services. However, only a few understand that protecting a child is fundamentally different from protecting an adult.


Any professional bodyguard should possess quick reflexes, an analytical mindset, and strong nerves. But if you want to hire a bodyguard for your child, the list of required competencies increases significantly. Moreover, the requirements for a child's bodyguard can vary depending on the child's gender, age, and a number of other characteristics. All this speaks to the need for special training for the specialist who will be involved in accompanying your child.


Any practicing psychologist will tell you about the fundamental difference in the basic reactions of adults and children to danger, and their behavior in other emergency situations. Therefore, an important requirement for a child’s bodyguard is a good knowledge of child psychology.

However, the ideal option when choosing an escort for children is having a person with a pedagogical education or a certificate from relevant courses. This advantage will help them quickly establish contact with the child, understand their behavior over time, and proactively mitigate associated risks.


When adults accompany children, the level of communicative abilities of the person is very important. In the task of protecting a child's personal life, the ability to respond to external threats is important, but so are empathy skills, the ability to distract the child from dangerous topics and activities.

As stated by Alexey Fonarev, the head of the headquarters of the National Association of Bodyguards of Russia, “a bodyguard is able not only to prevent the abduction of a child but also to identify dangerous inclinations, for example, drug use by the child themselves or someone in their environment.” And this would be impossible without the bodyguard’s ability to gain the trust of the child and easily maintain communication with them.


The increased physical activity of children often leads to injuries. According to statistics, about 3 million cases of injuries of varying severity occur in children each year, 15% of which are open wounds, when the importance of quickly providing first aid comes to the forefront. Therefore, a mandatory condition for a potential bodyguard for your child is having the relevant knowledge and skills.

When cooperating with a security organization, it is important to check the candidate’s experience specifically in working with children. A person can work in adult protection for decades and be considered an experienced specialist, but only with the aforementioned conditions will personal protection for the child be reliably ensured.

For over 22 years, "Sigma-Profi" has been providing personal protection services. Our bodyguards for children have extensive experience, regularly undergo training, and take courses in medical and psychological assistance.

A bodyguard for a child is a professional responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of the child they are tasked to protect. This role requires a unique set of skills and qualities, as protecting children involves different challenges and responsibilities compared to protecting adults. Here are some key aspects to consider:

1. **Understanding Child Psychology**: A bodyguard for a child should have a good grasp of child psychology to understand the child’s needs, fears, and behavior. This helps in establishing trust and ensuring that the child feels safe and comfortable.

2. **Communication Skills**: Effective communication is crucial. The bodyguard should be able to talk to the child in a way that is understandable and reassuring, and also be able to listen and respond to the child’s concerns.

3. **Empathy and Patience**: Children can be unpredictable and may not always cooperate. A bodyguard needs to be patient and empathetic, able to handle any situation calmly without causing any distress to the child.

4. **Physical Fitness and Quick Reflexes**: Like any bodyguard, one protecting a child needs to be physically fit and have quick reflexes to respond promptly to any potential threats or dangers.

5. **Background in Education or Childcare**: A bodyguard with a background in education or childcare can be beneficial, as they would have additional training and experience in working with children.

6. **First Aid and Medical Training**: Children are prone to accidents and injuries. A bodyguard should be trained in first aid and able to provide immediate medical attention if necessary.

7. **Discreet and Unobtrusive**: A child’s bodyguard should be able to do their job without drawing unnecessary attention or disrupting the child’s normal activities and routines.

8. **Background Check and References**: It is crucial to conduct a thorough background check and verify references to ensure that the bodyguard has a clean record and is trustworthy.

9. **Ability to Teach and Mentor**: In addition to providing physical protection, a bodyguard for a child can also play a role in teaching and mentoring, helping to instill values and guide the child in making good decisions.

10. **Flexibility and Adaptability**: A child’s schedule can be unpredictable and change frequently. A bodyguard should be flexible and able to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently.

11. **Commitment to the Child’s Safety**: Above all, a bodyguard for a child should be fully committed to ensuring the child’s safety and well-being, ready to put the child’s needs above everything else.

When hiring a bodyguard for a child, it is important to take the time to find the right person who meets all these criteria and with whom the child feels safe and comfortable.