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Bodyguards in History: How Did They Protect the Great Rulers of the Past?

Through the ages, bodyguards played a pivotal role in safeguarding many prominent figures. From ancient emperors to medieval kings, their service was invaluable.

Praetorian Guard of Rome: Elite forces established specifically to protect Roman emperors. With high training and discipline, they served as bodyguards and actively participated in Rome's political intrigues.

Mamluks of Egypt: Originally slaves, the Mamluks evolved into one of Egypt's most powerful military groups. They not only served as personal guards for sultans but also played a significant role in the political landscape.

Varangian Guard of Byzantine Emperor: Scandinavian warriors, known as the Varangians, became the foundation of the personal guards for Byzantine emperors.

Throughout human history, bodyguards have always been on the front line, ensuring the safety of the past's great rulers. Turn to "Sigma-Profi" to learn more about our services in this field.